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P R O V O :   W E L C O M E   H O M E

This series is part of an ongoing project I've been working on to document the houses of Provo

I moved to Provo in 2015 to attend college. For me, Provo was only a temporary home. But as I've lived here, I've grown to appreciate Provo for what it is. I've long admired the charming houses around town that I've seen on my morning runs and out my car window. Not only are these homes colorful and beautiful, but unique and intriguing as well. Some of these houses have been around for centuries and others are quite new. While people will move in and out, these buildings are here to stay.

Each house is like its own little world. Maybe a young family lives there, or a group of friends. Maybe it's an absolute mess inside, or perhaps it's kept neat and clean. But you don't see that - you only see the house. In reality, the people that live in Provo are just as diverse as these homes. 

As you study these homes, ask yourself: who lives here? What clues do I see? Would I (or do I) live here? How does where I live affect or reflect who I am? What does home mean to me?

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