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An Intimate Engagement Session at the Lake Cabin

Few things in life are more magical than a summer night at the lake cabin in Minnesota, so naturally I was thrilled when Devin asked if we could do their engagement session at Zach’s family cabin. I love photographing people in the places that are meaningful to them, so I knew that the longer drive up to their cabin would be well worth it.

My husband and I made the beautiful drive up to Litchfield, riding out of the city and passing through Minnesota’s quaint small towns and rolling fields of farmland. It was so quiet and peaceful when we arrived at Dunns lake. Sunlight streamed through the trees and glittered off the water. Waves gently lapped the shore. This was truly Devin & Zach’s little piece of paradise.

Devin & Zach welcomed us in and showed us around. They are both so kind and generous, and SO in love! They are obsessed with each other in the cutest way (and let’s be honest, I’m pretty obsessed with them too). Their love is so strong, like the tightest hug when you never want to let go. Devin & Zach climbed into trees, kissed in their canoe, danced along the dock and even played in the lake. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening.

To Devin & Zach, thank you so much for inviting us up to your cabin and into your lives! It’s truly been an honor to get to peer into your love story and capture it! I love how excited you are to become husband and wife and I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with you two and document your incredible day! Between the big moments, from your proposal to your wedding day, I hope you always remember the nights like these: just the two of you, in love at the lake cabin.

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Becky Lyman
Becky Lyman
09 sept. 2023

Such cute pics!!!

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